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Legends Behind the Craft

Aug 25, 2022

The Kirchhoff family lives and farms south of Clarksburg, CA, on the Sacramento River Delta. Growing grapes is more than an occupation in their family — it’s a passion. Their hands-on grape-growing approach and dry farming techniques evoke the truest expression their land has to offer and promote sustainable practices, preserving the land for future generations.

Craig Kirchhoff and his family began planting a variety of grape vines in 2009. The family's first wines were produced from these vines in 2013. Today, Kirchhoff Wines is run by the members of the growing Kirchhoff clan — Craig and Nancy, their children, Clayton, Casey, and Emma, and their in-laws, Lisa and Gabby.

In this episode with Craig Kirchhoff, Nancy Kirchhoff, Clayton Kirchhoff, Casey Kirchhoff, Lisa Kirchhoff, and Emma Kirchhoff

Not all children whose parents own a winery or vineyard want to work in their family business when they grow up. Most of them look forward to leaving town and pursuing new interests. But what happens when these children find themselves coming back home and incorporating everything they learned into the family business?

For the Kirchhoff family, their vineyard started to grow and evolve in a new and modern direction when their eldest son, Clayton, came back home with a newfound passion and interest for winemaking after spending time abroad. The grape vines planted by his father — previously sold to other wineries — are now being made into their very own Kirchhoff Wines.

In this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks hosts Craig, Nancy, Clayton, Casey, Lisa, and Emma Kirchhoff of Kirchhoff Wines. They talk about the story of how their family started a vineyard operation business and successfully grew it into a winery. The Kirchhoffs also talk about the role each family member plays and how important their family dynamics are to the growth and success of their business.