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Legends Behind the Craft

Apr 27, 2023

Danielle and Derek Busch are the Founders of Batch Mead, a family-owned meadery in Temecula, California. Under their leadership, the meadery specializes in locally sourced, small batches of mead and hard cider. 

Batch Mead consecutively won “Best in Show” from the San Diego International Beer Festival from 2020 to...

Apr 20, 2023

Alie Shaper is the Co-founder and Winemaker at Chronicle Wines, which produces wines of character and purpose from the North Fork of Long Island. As an experienced wine and spirits professional, Alie has established an urban winery brand as an impactful marketing angle for the New York wine industry.

Aside from leading...

Apr 13, 2023

Maria Rivero González is the CEO of RGNY Wine in the North Fork of Long Island. She’s bringing a new winery steeped in her family’s Mexican roots to the North Fork. 

The Rivero González family opened a wine store in Mexico City in 2013 and additional stores in Monterrey and Parras two years later, before expanding...

Apr 6, 2023

Andrew Quady is the Co-founder and CEO of Quady Winery. His path into the wine world started when he and his wife, Laurel, moved to the San Joaquin Valley to pursue a rural lifestyle.

While there, Andrew discovered an unused patch of the rare Orange Muscat grape varietal, known in Italy as Moscato Fior d'Arancio. These...