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Legends Behind the Craft

Oct 12, 2021

Simonetta Gedda is the Founder and General Manager of Love to Italy, an importer and distributor of Italian wine and cuisine. She grew up in the countryside of Italy and has a deeply rooted sense of culture — and brings heart and authenticity from Rome, Florence, and Venice to the products selected to import.

Simonetta built extensive expertise in sales and marketing, working for Hiserv Italia Srl, EDISONTEL S.p.A., Tutto Bene Winery, and Tenuta Roletto to achieve profitability and revenue. She volunteered for Stiletto Broadcasting, with a goal to educate, empower, and entertain women in food, wine, and Italian culture talk.

Chiara Massoglia is a winemaker with a passion for viticulture. She is the next generation of Cantina Massoglia Winery, in Agliè, Torino, which specializes in cultivating Erbaluce grapes.

In this episode with Simonetta Gedda and Chiara Massoglia

How does the origin of a wine enhance the flavor? Can you successfully experience the flavors of fine Italian wine in your home?

The winery region defines the acidity, the body, and the palate of grapes for wine. Simonetta Gedda has created a host of flavors unique to the Italian countryside, and with winemaker Chiara Massoglia, they are educating and delighting the palates of consumers with Erbaluce wine.

In this special tasting episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Hendricks is joined by Simonetta Gedda, the Founder and General Manager of Love to Italy, and winemaker Chiara Massoglia, to discuss the evolution of winemaking while sipping Erbaluce di Caluso. Together, they share the foundational story of Erbaluce wine, the unique fermentation and growing process, and pairing wine with Italian cuisine.