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Legends Behind the Craft

May 30, 2023

Brandon Amoroso is the Founder and Head of Shopify Plus agency Electriq Marketing. Under his leadership, the company grew to a team of 45 employees within three years, before it was acquired by in April 2022. Brandon also earned coveted certifications in the DTC field such as Shopify Plus, Klaviyo Elite, Attentive Pioneer, Okendo Platinum, and more; including the prestigious Recharge Innovative Partner of the Year honor.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Brandon Amoroso is the Founder and CEO of Electriq Marketing

  • Brandon shares how he is solely focused on improving customer retention

  • He shares his 3-step process, which are: audit, proposal, 30/60/90 day plan

  • He empowers team members to scale their departments

  • How he manages his biggest departments, which are: Email, SMS, and Web Design development

  • Niched down into wine & spirits industry through

  • Utilizing Shopify Plus as their only real-time tax and compliance solution for wineries and retailers

  • Split up transactional communications between one-short customers and subscription customers

  • Utilizing data from quizzes and surveys to personalize experience

  • Retargeting and remarketing through Shopify Plus


In this episode with Brandon Amoroso

In this episode with Brandon Amoroso, Brandon shares his story about being an accidental owner and shares how he grew Electriq Marketing from two to fifty people, along with the customer retention process he created to increase customer lifetime value.

Brandon Amoroso is the Founder and CEO of Electriq Marketing, Brandon discusses how he was able to manage his two biggest departments, which are email/SMS, and website design development, which are both key drivers for customer retention. He talks about the steps involved in his customer retention process including an audit, a proposal, and 30/60/90 day plans to generate ROI.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind The Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks is joined by Brandon Amoroso, Brandon Amoroso is the Founder and CEO of Electriq Marketing. He explains why their agency does not focus on Facebook ads due to its algorithm complexity. As part of their acquisition by, they are now working with a larger number of wineries and modernizing alcohol e-commerce. He shares how wineries can use Shopify Plus and Klaviyo to better their customer experiences. This includes integrating with legacy POS systems, using Shopify’s POS solution, unified customer review, retargeting and remarketing customers, using push notifications and direct mail, and AI personalized video messages via email or SMS to increase engagement.


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