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Legends Behind the Craft

Apr 28, 2022

Gary Fisch is the Founder and CEO of Gary’s Wine and Marketplace. He first opened the shop in 1987 in Madison, New Jersey, and it grew to become one of the largest fine wine businesses. In 2019, his brand stretched from the coast of New England to the West Coast in St. Helena, California. Gary desires to be the first choice for wine, beer, and spirits by enhancing the consumer shopping experience.

In this episode with Gary Fisch

What are the keys to successfully building a wine marketplace that consumers rely on? How can you shift your wine from the shelves to an e-commerce marketplace without skipping a beat?

For Gary Fisch, it was seizing an opportunity that would propel his career forward. From a recession to a fire, Gary rode the waves and successfully built his brand. His experience taught him to evolve with the times — and to pivot with his audience to sustain growth. Today, Gary is here to share his industry knowledge to help you turn your brand into something exceptional. 

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, join Drew Hendricks and Bianca Harmon as they sit down with Gary Fisch, Founder and CEO of Gary’s Wine and Marketplace, to discuss innovative ideas and best practices for scaling your brand. Gary shares why advertising is crucial for success, tips for overcoming supply chain and department shortages, and the importance of adapting to changing technology and consumer demand. Stay tuned!