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Legends Behind the Craft

Jun 20, 2023

Eric Fullerton is the Owner and Associate Winemaker at Fullerton Wines. Born in California, his European upbringing ignited a passion for winemaking. A chance encounter in Germany introduced him to the world of wine, and he embarked on a journey of exploration and appreciation across Europe. Settling in Oregon 25 years ago, Eric was amazed by the quality of wines produced there. Today, he oversees cellar operations, nurtures the Ivy Slope Vineyard, and manages national sales efforts, all driven by his unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional wines.

Alex Fullerton, Owner and Winemaker at Fullerton Wines, is a seasoned professional with a passion for winemaking. With a background in cellar work and a formal education in viticulture and enology, Alex combines practical expertise with scientific knowledge to create authentic, age-worthy wines that beautifully reflect the unique terroir of the Willamette Valley. His commitment to quality and love for the craft drive him to continuously push boundaries and deliver exceptional wine experiences.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Eric and Alex talk about the founding of Fullerton Wines and what brought them from Europe to Oregon, specifically the Willamette Valley

  • Explore the Three Otters Rosé

  • Gain insights into the regions where the grapes for Fullerton Wines are sourced within the Willamette Valley

  • Eric and Alex share more about their 2018 Lux Chardonnay

  • Learn about the unique aspects of Oregon's Chardonnay production that set it apart from other regions

  • Understand the methods employed by Fullerton Wines to ensure that all vineyards meet their specifications and standards

  • Eric and Alex's insights into the historical evolution of the Willamette Valley as a prominent wine-producing region

  • Explore the changing distribution strategies of Fullerton Wines

  • Dive into the distinctive Pinot Noirs produced by Fullerton Wines from the 11 sub-appellations

  • Eric and Alex talk about the Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir from the McMinnville AVA

  • Learn about the sources of motivation for Eric and Alex and what excites them most about the next 10 years in the wine industry


In this episode with Eric and Alex Fullerton

Eric Fullerton and Alex Fullerton of Fullerton Wines take us on a captivating journey through their founding of Fullerton Wines in the beautiful Willamette Valley. With their claim to fame being a collection of single vineyard Pinot Noir wines from each of the 11 sub-appellation, we explore the fascinating stories behind their wines. We learn about their transition from Europe to Oregon, Alex's motivations for pursuing economics and winemaking, and their family crest's influence on their label designs. Additionally, we delve into the landscape of the Willamette Valley, uncover the secrets of their acclaimed 2018 Lux Chardonnay, and gain valuable insights into Oregon's unique Chardonnay production.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon are joined by Eric Fullerton and Alex Fullerton, owners of Fullerton Wines. Eric Fullerton is the Associate Winemaker and Alex Fullerton is the Winemaker. The discussion also covers their meticulous vineyard selection process, the evolution of the Willamette Valley over time, and the changing distribution strategies of Fullerton Wines, including their focus on direct-to-consumer sales and the opening of a new tasting room. Finally, we embark on a mouthwatering exploration of their exceptional Pinot Noir offerings, beginning with the Momtazi Vineyard from the McMinnville AVA, and conclude with a glimpse into the future as Eric and Alex share their motivation and excitement for the next 10 years. Their passion and vision for Fullerton Wines leave us inspired and eager to experience more.


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