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Legends Behind the Craft

Mar 23, 2023

Michael Fairbrother started Moonlight Meadery in 2010 to bring ultra-premium meads and ciders to the market. He previously worked at Fairbrother Software Consulting LLC as a Co-founder and CTO and was the President of Brew Free or Die, New Hampshire’s first homebrew club. 

For Michael and the rest of the Moonlight Meadery team, it is more than just a product and a process — it’s an obsession. With over one million bottles sold and over 20 international awards, Moonlight Meadery is proudly positioned as one of the best meaderies in the world.

In this episode with Michael Fairbrother

How do you start a brewery and differentiate yourself from a sea of competitors? Today's guest has successfully set himself apart by creating flavors nobody's ever had before.

Michael Fairbrother has been recognized as New England's best mead maker for three consecutive years. He quit his full-time day job in 2010 and progressed from moonlighting as a mead maker to full-time production.

In today's episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks is joined by Michael Fairbrother, Founder and Head Meadmaker of Moonlight Meadery, to discuss Michael’s shift from wine and fermentation to mead. Michael also talks about his mead-making process over the last decade, his observation of industry changes, and advice to up-and-coming meaderies.