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Legends Behind the Craft

Dec 28, 2023

Mary Pellettieri, Co-Founder and creative mind behind Top Note Tonic began her beverage industry journey as a homebrewer with a focus on craft beer. After gaining technical expertise at the Siebel Institute and making waves at Goose Island, she transitioned from larger breweries to launch her own venture. Top Note Tonic, born from her entrepreneurial spirit, explores innovative possibilities in tonic syrups, herbal beers, and tinctures, showcasing Mary's expertise and commitment to pushing and brewing boundaries.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Mary Pellettieri's journey from homebrewer to craft tonic maven

  • Crafting Top Note Tonic's unique flavor profile

  • Balancing bitter and sweet and creating tinctures for the American palate

  • Top Note Tonic's flavor portfolio and shifting trends

  • Top Note Tonic's transition from supplying bars to capturing the non-alcoholic market

  • Supply chain challenges and ingredient sourcing in the beverage industry

  • Mary recommends the style of gin that best complements Top Note Tonic

  • The challenges and strategies involved in scaling up production to meet the demand

  • The percentage of sales through the online store and the company's cost-effective moves

  • Reflections on growth and marketing strategies

  • Mary Pellettieri's advice for launching success in the beverage category


In this episode with Mary Pellettieri

Join us for an engaging discussion with Mary Pellettieri of Top Note Tonic. From her roots as a basement brewer to being a trailblazer at Goose Island, Mary shares her journey in the beverage industry. Discover how Top Note Tonic evolved from kitchen experiments to a thriving craft tonic company.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks is joined by Mary Pellettieri, the Co-founder and Creator of Top Note Tonic. Mary delves into the challenges of creating beverages for diverse tastes, the shift to non-alcoholic markets, and the impact of the pandemic on scaling the business. Gain insights into marketing strategies, the importance of a clear brand story, and the lessons learned in navigating the ever-changing beverage landscape. Whether you're a beverage enthusiast or a budding entrepreneur, this episode offers a taste of success in the craft beverage world.


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