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Legends Behind the Craft

Feb 17, 2022

Drew Thomas Hendricks is the President of Barrels Ahead, a wine and craft marketing agency that accelerates company growth through content development, SEO, and paid search. Drew is also the President of Nimbletoad, Inc., a company that helps wineries expand their digital footprint to increase membership and sales. He is the Founder of VineCat, which, before closing its doors in 2010, allowed users to inventory and track their wine through a cloud-based cellar management application. At Barrels Ahead, Drew helps companies define their unique stories to attract more customers and stand out from the crowd.

In this episode with Drew Thomas Hendricks

At first glance, scaling your brand in the wine and spirits industry can be a daunting task. Where can you find industry expert advice to solve your greatest challenges with so many different facets?

This week, the topic shifts to a broader audience as Drew Thomas Hendricks shares the challenges and successes of being in the alcohol beverage industry. From yeast to cork and marketing strategies to innovative technology, there’s something for everyone. Deep-dive into this ensemble episode of the wine and spirits industry aspects.

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Rise 25 Co-founder Dr. Jeremy Weisz sits down with host Drew Thomas Hendricks to talk about some of Drew’s favorite past episodes and eventful conversations. Drew shares industry insights on yeast production, marketing techniques to connect with consumers across digital platforms, seeing past the exterior to discover a delicious wine, and why you should invest in business automation.