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Legends Behind the Craft

Mar 24, 2022

Jose "Tony" Haber is the Founder of Qvivo Brands Inc., where he combines his passion for romance and poetry with alcoholic beverages. His distinguished career has taken him around the world, fostering partnerships with local brands in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, and beyond. He began his journey in 2009 as the Regional Sales Marketing Manager for Coastal Select Wine and Spirit Distributors, where he focused on marketing to Florida and the Caribbean. In that same year, he launched his first venture in South Florida, called Cocktail Mixes.

In this episode with Jose "Tony" Haber

Is it possible to effectively deliver to different distribution channels? How can a brand resonate with consumers on a personalized level?

For Jose “Tony” Haber, his true north is connecting people and culture through wine, spirits, and beer brands. He cultivated an augmented reality application that combines alcoholic beverages with poetry and romance — but also delivers tailored choices based on cultural preferences. With his unique approach, he found the distinction of each culture to market the brand that resonates the most.

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Hendricks sits down with Jose “Tony” Haber, Founder of Qvivo Brands Inc., to discuss how the expression of each culture adds flavor varieties to alcoholic beverages. Tony talks about the cultural alcoholic preferences of Latin America, how augmented reality technology can deliver personalized messages on a bottle, and why marketing is crucial for small brands.