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Legends Behind the Craft

Jan 20, 2022

Ron Scharman is the Co-founder and CEO of Astra Digital, a digital marketing agency for the wine industry, and CEO of FlyWithWine, a unique storage suitcase for traveling with wine. He has over 30 years of experience in the direct-to-consumer industry, working in COO and President positions with New Vine Logistics (Wine Direct), eWinery Solutions (VinSuite), Chatterbox Wine Marketing, and VinoVisit.

Ron is an instructor for a wine e-commerce course and direct-to-consumer wine marketing seminars at Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute. Ron received his MBA in finance and his bachelor’s in agricultural economics from Cornell University.

In this episode with Ron Scharman

How do you improve the lifetime value of your winery’s customers? Is it possible to engage with consumers using creative content that is budget-friendly and advantageous to your brand?

Ron Scharman noticed turbulence in the way wineries utilize their digital marketing strategies. He has created a digital system to help wineries discover and engage with their audience. Ron knows that unless a metric can help you make a decision, it's useless. By utilizing virtual tastings, clubs, and email marketing, you, too, can establish lifelong customers and drive results.

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, join Drew Hendricks and Ron Scharman, Co-founder and CEO of Astra Digital, as they have a conversation about how to connect with your consumers through digital marketing. Ron shares how technology has changed the digital wine marketplace, the importance of digital marketing services, and why innovative and engaging strategies can lift your winery to new altitudes.