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Legends Behind the Craft

Mar 30, 2023

Nancie Oxley is the Vice President of Winemaking at St. Julian Winery. She proudly holds the title of Michigan's first female winemaker and has piloted the Michigan wine industry. 

Nancie has been involved in the wine industry for the past 20 years and gained knowledge primarily through hands-on experience. She leads St. Julian’s winemaking team, which has created hundreds of award-winning wines and upheld St. Julian’s reputation as Michigan's most-awarded winery.

In this episode with Nancie Oxley

How do you foster continued business growth for over a century? Cultivating time-honored traditions while embracing modern practices has proven successful.

Working in the wine industry for 20 years, Nancie Oxley is well-lauded for her profound expertise in the business and is proud to be Michigan's first female winemaker. She got her start as a laboratory intern and is now on her 21st harvest. How is Nancie pushing the industry forward?

In today's episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon sit down with Nancie Oxley, Vice President of Winemaking at St. Julian Winery, as she shares how she got her start in the industry. Nancie also talks about what it's like being part of Michigan's oldest winery and distillery, how St. Julian has grown over the years, and the unique flavors it's bringing to market.