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Legends Behind the Craft

Feb 16, 2023

Kim Roberts is the Co-owner of Westport Winery Garden Resort, which she founded in 2008 with her husband, Blain. The business is home to Ocean's Daughter Distillery, the Sea Glass Grill, the International Mermaid Museum, and resort lodging. The resort's guests travel from across the US — and the world — to experience everything Westport Winery has to offer. 

The Westport Winery team is dedicated to finding out what their guests want and providing them with those products and services. Due to its daily motivation to exceed expectations, Westport Winery has been recognized by outlets such as Winery Press NW and Seattle Business Magazine.

In this episode with Kim Roberts

People say it's nearly impossible to open a winery on the coast of Western Washington. After looking into various studies, today's guest launched their winery to prove the skeptics wrong.

Westport Winery began harvesting a single cluster of grapes and has since grown into the thriving winery (and resort) it is today. Partnering with top growers, Westport Winery Garden Resort is now the leading destination spot in the area.

In today's episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon are joined by Kim Roberts, Co-owner of Westport Winery Garden Resort, as she shares what drew her into launching a winery. Kim also talks about the International Mermaid Museum, Ocean's Daughter Distillery, and the business’ future endeavors.