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Legends Behind the Craft

Oct 21, 2021

Paul Mabray is considered to be the wine industry's foremost futurist and thought leader. He is the CEO of Pix, a digital platform harnessing the power and potential of digital tools and methodologies to move the wine industry into the future. Paul pushed wine into the digital landscape with his work at Inertia Beverage Group, now WineDirect, and VinTank.

Paul sat on the Board of Directors for and was a Group Director for W2O Group, among other executive roles. He began his college journey as a writer and working in sales.

In this episode with Paul Mabray

Picture this: you’re searching for a last-minute wine gift. You did not allocate time for shipping, and do not want to spend hours searching in-store. Where will you find wines ready and available in your area?

Paul Mabray created a solution: it’s called Pix. Paul is making wine relevant and discoverable to your life by merging the consumer and wine retailer — at your fingertips. His digital platform is a gateway into combining the art of storytelling and matchmaking specific consumer needs to deliver your new favorite bottle.

On this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Hendricks has a conversation with Paul Mabray, CEO of Pix, about connecting boutique wine producers with consumers across the digital industry. They discuss the power of content writing to scale a brand, understanding the value within a great team, and the analytics behind making wine discoverable. Stay tuned!