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Legends Behind the Craft

Jul 14, 2022

Jena Domingue is the Vice President of Talent, Culture, and Sales at WineDirect, a leading provider of direct-to-consumer (DTC) solutions for wineries. At WineDirect, Jena leads the client success teams across e-commerce and fulfillment and has also been responsible for fulfillment sales growth of over $50 million in revenue. She has led the development of WineDirect’s programs including the strong onboarding program and the WineDirect Academy training program. As an accomplished senior executive, Jena has over 20 years of experience in the wine, e-commerce, digital marketing, luxury goods, and staffing industries.

In this episode with Jena Domingue

Growing a successful wine brand requires building relationships with consumers and other brands. Yet, many wineries — particularly those run by people of diverse backgrounds — struggle to sustain these connections and feel isolated from their industry as a result. So, how can you establish yourself in your field?

Jena Domingue recommends seeking out resources, educational opportunities, and wine clubs to leverage trends and industry knowledge. Jena’s club, Urban Vino House of Brands, allows wineries to share practical information with each other, exchange products, and connect with diverse individuals. And by studying yearly industry impact reports, you can glean actionable direct-to-consumer (DTC) insights to scale your brand and stand out.  

Join Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon in this episode of Legends Behind the Craft as they interview Jena Domingue, Vice President of Sales, Talent, and Culture at WineDirect, about leveraging valuable opportunities in the wine industry. Jena discusses the benefits of DTC in the wine industry, how Urban Vino helps wine brands scale, and key educational opportunities for brands.