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Legends Behind the Craft

Mar 31, 2022

Ryan Thompson is the Founder and CEO of 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirit Co. Nestled in Vail, Colorado, Ryan opened 10th Mountain in 2013 to pay homage to the patriotic men of the 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry. He earned his bachelor’s of spirits and whiskey from Moonshine University and his bachelor's in business administration and management from Southern Methodist University.

In this episode with Ryan Thompson

Are you an emerging brand and unsure how to navigate the direct-to-consumer marketing tier? How can you combine philanthropy and alcohol spirits to extend opportunities? 

Ryan Thompson is transforming the spirits space by cultivating a brand that empowers and supports veterans. He began his brand with just a few barrels, and through hard work and navigating the online marketing and distributing system, he scaled his brand to reach over 15 states. He now delivers to over 30 states using a direct-to-consumer platform. Today, Ryan is here to share his story of giving back and growing his brand. 

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Hendricks sits down with Ryan Thompson, Founder and CEO of 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirit Co., to discuss navigating the various alcohol distribution systems to successfully scale your brand. Ryan talks about how a cocktail with a brandy base scaled his brand, effectively using the distribution model to take your brand to the top, and why education is crucial for distributors to communicate the value of your brand.