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Legends Behind the Craft

Sep 15, 2022

Zack Armen is the Co-founder and President of Storica Wines, an Armenian wine import company in the US. He is an American Armenian who grew up in Long Island, New York, but was raised very close to Armenian culture and heritage.

Zack travels to Armenia every year, and during one of his trips in 2017, he noticed the sudden boom of wine bars and wine drinking. He started to ask around, met two of the best winemakers in Armenia, and the rest is history. Today, through Storica Wines, Zack continues to bring Armenia's finest wines to the US consumer.

In this episode with Zack Armen

When it comes to winemaking, the top countries that come to mind are Italy, France, and Spain. But did you know that lesser-known countries like Armenia have been making excellent wine starting 6,000 years ago?

Since its independence in 1991, wine cultivation in Armenia has experienced a renaissance. Quality wine, wine bars, and wine drinking have made a huge comeback. Zack Armen saw this as an opportunity to reintroduce Armenia to the world as a producer of fine wines.

In this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon host Zack Armen, the Co-founder and President of Storica Wines, to talk about Armenian wine. Zack discusses the history of winemaking in Armenia and the renaissance of its wine industry. He shares how he was able to introduce Armenian wines to the US market and how Storica Wines expanded rapidly since its inception in 2018.