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Legends Behind the Craft

Jun 23, 2022

John Kochis is the President of Beck Family Estates, a family-owned company promoting unique vineyard sites and wineries in South Africa and Oregon. As a 27-year veteran of the wine industry, John began his career as a wine sales rep. He is a performance-driven executive leader with experience building and directing high-performance management teams.

In this episode with John Kochis

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for wine has increased, and marketing in the wine industry has evolved significantly. Many brands and wineries are struggling to adapt to these progressive changes and experience setbacks as a result. So what is the best method for marketing your brand to ensure you stay ahead of the game?

The direct-to-consumer model is essential for cultivating brand awareness and marketing your wine to consumers. With this model, wineries leverage the consumers’ desire to discover new wines by offering engaging and informative tasting sessions. When you focus on building relationships, your customers become your brand ambassadors and sales representatives, since they are more likely to recommend your product to others. 

In today’s episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon sit down with John Kochis, President of Beck Family Estates, to discuss marketing your brand in the evolving wine industry. John talks about achieving success in the wine industry, his coaching strategy to help brands craft marketable wines, and the best marketing approach for selling your wine.