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Legends Behind the Craft

May 17, 2023

Bartholomew Broadbent is the CEO of Broadbent Selections, Bartholomew has been widely recognized for his influence on the US wine market. Decanter Magazine named him one of the fifty most influential people in the wine world in 1997 and ranked him 48th in the Top 100 Most Influential People in the US Wine Industry in 2013. He is a frequent speaker at major wine festivals, such as the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen where he was the Reserve Tasting Director for 25 years. Bartholomew's lectures have taken him around the globe with Viking, Cunard, Crystal, Silversea, and Regent Seven Seas. He was the Wine Guy for KFOG radio in San Francisco, and he currently hosts Wine Wednesdays on Viking TV. Bartholomew resides in Virginia with his wife and two children.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Bartholomew Broadbent is the Founder and CEO of Broadbent Selections

  • In 1996, Bartholomew started his own company, Broadbent Selections

  • The wine business has evolved culturally over the last 25-30 years

  • Natural winemaking a comeback with lower alcohol and natural fermentation

  • Canned wines are perfect for concerts, camping trips, and other outdoor activities

  • His experiences with his role of judging wine

  • Social media has changed the way wines are discovered and shared

  • Consumers’ opinion is now equally important as that of wine writers

  • Madeira was the biggest-selling wine until prohibition when it was relaunched in 1989


In this episode with Bartholomew Broadbent

In this episode with Bartholomew Broadbent, Bartholomew talks about his journey in the industry over the past 30 years, including corporate changes and shifts toward natural wines. How has the wine industry changed over the years?

Bartholomew Broadbent is the Founder and CEO of Broadbent Selections. Bartholomew talks about his time as a judge for wine competitions around the world and how the criteria for judging have changed over time.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind The Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks is joined by Bartholomew Broadbent, Bartholomew Broadbent is the Founder and CEO of Broadbent Selections. Bartholomew delves into Madeira, a Portuguese fortified wine that has been made for centuries, it’s unique process includes heating barrels of wine, four types of Madeira from dry to sweet, labels often hand-painted with a retro feel that resonates with younger generations, and its high acidity which makes it refreshing and versatile.


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