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Legends Behind the Craft

Dec 22, 2022

Claire Ducrocq Weinkauf is the CEO of Picayune Cellars. She started the business with her good friend Jennifer Roberts because they shared the same love for drinking quality wines and the drive to search for a great value. The two started rescuing distinctive lots from prestigious wineries to make their blend in 2011. 

Inspired by the power of a Mouton Rothschild, Claire earned a wine degree in Chile and then traveled to France to work harvest in St. Emilion and the Côte du Rhône. She also owns Claire de Lune Consulting, which focuses on helping fantastic producers, including Matthiasson Wines, Anomaly Vineyards, Morlet Family Estate, Cowhorn Winery, and more, to grow their businesses.

In this episode with Claire Ducrocq Weinkauf

What power can wine bring to the table? How can it be a medium to eliminate the gap between people and lead them to share their experiences?

Wine evokes emotions in people, just like music and art do. It works as the perfect conversation starter, bringing people together. Claire Ducrocq Weinkauf used this theory while setting up her store.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon sit down with Claire Ducrocq Weinkauf, CEO of Picayune Cellars, as she talks about her journey in winemaking. Claire also shares her profound appreciation of wines. She explains how she managed to bring the winery to its current position and how doing business in Calistoga differs from other states.