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Legends Behind the Craft

Sep 29, 2022

Mark Hiddleson is the Owner of Specialized Storage Solutions, a company that provides industry-leading warehouse storage solutions nationwide. He has been a storage racking industry professional since 1996 and started Specialized Storage Solutions in 2004 to create something unique and better serve clients.

Mark is also the Host of the Tao of Pizza Podcast, which features top logistics leaders and entrepreneurs. He holds a master’s degree in holistic health education, which has helped him build a successful business model based on holistic principles and trust-based relationships.

In this episode with Mark Hiddleson

Running a wine business goes way beyond perfecting the formula of your drink. Like every other business, logistics, transportation, and storage are vital factors. How do you ensure that you have the right systems in place from raw ingredients to the finished product?

According to Mark Hiddleson, there’s an art and science involved in storage and distribution. You need to plan for the future while still taking care of your business’ daily operations. You will need to look down the road as far as you can without neglecting what’s existing.

In this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks sits down with Mark Hiddleson, the Owner of Specialized Storage Solutions. Mark shares how he got into the warehousing business and discusses logistics in the wine industry. He also talks about partnering with 3PLs and gives solid advice for people who want to set up a brand new warehouse from scratch.