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Legends Behind the Craft

Aug 31, 2023

Meet Katarina Bonde, a Swedish-rooted individual whose path led her from the world of tech to the enchanting realm of winemaking. University classes kindled her fascination with wine, sparking journeys through Europe's vineyards. Settling in Seattle in the early nineties, Katarina's tech career intertwined with her growing passion for wine. She and her husband discovered the budding wine region of Dry Creek Valley, charmed by its family-owned wineries. Today, as Winemaker and Owner at West Wines, Katarina weaves her diverse background into every bottle, a harmonious blend of technology and terroir.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Learn how Katarina's path led her to the wine industry, all the way from her roots in Sweden

  • Uncover the intriguing origins of West Wines and its unique legacy of female winemakers

  • Learn about Katarina's European approach to patience in winemaking and the significance of aging wines in barrels over decades

  • Join the conversation on the evolution of West Wines under different winemakers

  • Gain insights into the unexpected wine region of Sweden and its connection to Katarina's winemaking journey

  • Delve into the distribution landscape as Katarina discusses the balance between direct-to-consumer sales and the three-tier system

  • Discover how West Wines adapted during the pandemic

  • See Katarina's unique perspective on managing her roles in both the tech and wine industries

  • Gain insights into the art of balancing personal winemaking vision with consumer preferences

  • Get an exclusive look at West Wines' production scale and learn about the number of cases produced at present


In this episode with Katarina Bonde

Join Katarina Bonde of West Wines as she shares her journey from Sweden to California's Dry Creek Valley. Explore the inception of West Wines, its all-female winemaker tradition, and Katarina's unique perspective on crafting wines for longevity. 

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon are joined by Katarina Bonde, Winemaker and Owner at West Wines. Learn about her European-inspired patience in releasing wines and the delicate balance between her winemaking vision and consumer preferences. From pandemic challenges to tech-wine duality, Katarina offers insights into her world, culminating in a glimpse of West Wines' production prowess.


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