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Legends Behind the Craft

Jul 21, 2022

Jason Bushong is the Owner of Bushong Vintage Company, a winery and tasting room. He entered the wine industry as an Intern at Fieldbrook Winery and has worked in several different American Viticultural Areas (AVA) in California. With over 20 years of winemaking experience, Jason opened his company in 2017.

In this episode with Jason Bushong

Wine brands often struggle in convincing customers to appreciate the full value of a wine. Consumers regard tasting rooms as restaurants and overlook the wine’s label and quality. So, how can you create a vibrant tasting experience to promote your wine and generate brand awareness? 

Successful tasting sessions should incorporate all five senses to maximize consumers’ interactions with the wine. Jason Bushong accomplishes this by emphasizing the wine’s flavor and color and the feel of the wine glass. He also pairs music genres with each of his labels to enhance the tasting event. With a focus on quality and involvement, your consumers are more likely to appreciate your wine brand.

In today’s Legends Behind the Craft episode, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon sit down with Jason Bushong, Owner of Bushong Vintage Company, to discuss creating quality wines and a memorable tasting experience. Jason shares his approach to winemaking, how Bushong Vintage Company creates experiential tasting sessions, and his artistic visions for his wine labels.