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Legends Behind the Craft

Sep 2, 2021

Bob Paulinski, MW is a Master of Wine and Founder of Stellar Bottles. The Masters of Wine exam is one of the toughest tests in any field, and when Bob passed in 2002, he became the 19th North American Master of Wine since the organization’s start in 1953. His company, Stellar Bottles, is a web-based wine subscription that provides an array of handcrafted wines delivered to your door. The wines are handpicked by Bob to guarantee a pure and delicious experience.

His love of wine started with a 66 Chateau Cantenac Brown while working at a Detroit wine shop, and since then, his palate has expanded to encompass corporate roles with Sam’s Club US and Winn-Dixie. Bob is also an expert in branding, marketing, and independent retail and provides consulting services to help wine businesses achieve their goals.

In this episode with Bob Paulinski, MW

Are you looking to revamp your brand? Do you want to wash off the preconceived notion that you need to know something to enjoy it?

Bob Paulinski, MW is a Master of Wine and has all the bases covered in wine tasting. He believes that wine enhances life and has spent his career dedicated to the innovation of wine. Today, he is here to tell you that you don’t need to know how to play music to enjoy it — and this transcends to wine. Bob knows that for a brand to truly stand out, and have a loyal, solid audience, it needs to have character.

On this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Hendricks talks with Bob Paulinski, MW, Founder of Stellar Bottles, about the emotive link between wine and consumption. They discuss using deductive reasoning to discover wine, how to understand and capture the uniqueness of wine, and what is fermenting in the wine industry today. Stay tuned.