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Legends Behind the Craft

Nov 18, 2021

Dr. Jeff Daiter is the CEO and Co-founder of InVintory Wines, an augmented reality wine collection platform for locating bottles. Dr. Daiter received his medical training from Western University and the University of Toronto, served as the Medical Director for York Region Sleep Disorders Centre and Oak Ridges Dermatology Centre, and is the CEO and Founder of Canada Addiction Treatment Centre.

Josh Daiter is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at InVintory. He graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor’s in Engineering and Master of Management in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Artificial Intelligence. Josh was an iOS Engineer for Alliants, Co-founder and CTO of Skipp Technologies Inc., and iOS Engineer for Prosper before his role at InVintory Wines.

In this episode with Dr. Jeff Daiter and Josh Daiter

Are you feeling frustrated with the organization of your wine collection? How can you have instant access to your collection anywhere?

Dr. Jeff Daiter and Josh Daiter created an InVintory solution to your wine location troubles. Through their app, you can create an interactive augmented reality of your wine cellar to locate wine in real-time. So, are you ready to make a map of your bottled treasure?

On this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Hendricks sits down with Dr. Jeff Daiter, CEO and Co-founder of InVintory Wines, and Josh Daiter, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of InVintory Wines, to discuss their entrepreneurial journey towards developing an interactive wine map. Together, they talk about the innovation behind the platform, why listening to reviews and recommendations is more potent than ratings, and the importance of consumer education to scale your brand.