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Legends Behind the Craft

Feb 3, 2022

Bianca Harmon is the DTC Strategist for Barrels Ahead, a results-driven digital marketing agency specializing in web design, SEO, and PPC for the wine and craft beverage industry. At Barrels Ahead, Bianca works with wineries to increase their direct-to-consumer sales.

Bianca grew up in Napa Valley and has been involved in all aspects of the industry from a young age. She’s been a sales representative and brand ambassador for different companies including Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services, CADE Estate Winery, Basemakers, and My Wine Society.

In this episode with Bianca Harmon

From vineyard to glass, every step of the winemaking process is a marketing activity that is either selling your brand story or doing you a disservice. Whether selling over the phone or on a website, many wineries are missing the mark and not getting the most from their marketing channels.

There are many more marketing mistakes wineries are making, including failing to nail down their ideal customer nor getting to know their story and aligning their company strategy. If you’re making any of these mistakes — or noticing that your marketing is missing the mark, this episode is packed with insight just for you.

Join Drew Hendricks on this episode of Legends Behind the Craft as he talks with Bianca Harmon, DTC Strategist for Barrels Ahead. They discuss marketing mistakes wineries are making, how to sell better on the phone, why the customer story is as important as yours, how to level up your marketing strategies, and more.