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Legends Behind the Craft

Jul 28, 2022

Julie Kuhlken, PhD is the Owner and CEO of Pedernales Cellars, a winery specializing in Texas-grown Spanish and Rhone-style wines. As a well-versed professional in the wine industry, she has earned the Level III award from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and has served as President of The Texas Hill Country Winery Association.

Julie currently serves on the marketing committee of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association and the board of the Economic Development Commission for Gillespie County. She is the Author of Why Philosophers Take Artists Seriously and has published numerous essays on wine as well as ethical and environmental issues.

In this episode with Julie Kuhlken

When starting a winery, marketing can be overwhelming since there are many factors to consider. So, how can you market your brand to attract local consumers and tourists?

 According to Julie Kuhlken, you must first evaluate your location to determine the best method to structure your winery. This ensures accessibility and allows you to determine your potential customer base. Another effective marketing strategy is to support and partner with local organizations and other wineries that will promote your initiatives in return. 

Listen in to this episode of Legends Behind the Craft as Drew Thomas Hendricks sits down with Julie Kuhlken, Owner and CEO of Pedernales Cellars, to talk about leveraging your area to market your winery. Julie describes Texas Hill Country’s growing environment, her strategic approach to marketing Pedernales Cellars, and how she executes Pedernales’ tasting initiatives.