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Legends Behind the Craft

May 23, 2023

Jess Wade is the owner and winemaker for Topophilia Wine Company, Jess who was born and raised in Sonoma County, and comes from a family of chefs. His mom has been employed in some of the area's popular eateries and his father has been supplying them with handmade pasta through his Wine Country Pasta for many years. Growing up, Wade was often found in the kitchen, and it appears this experience led him to a career in winemaking. Before that, however, he had to learn that banking and city life were not for him. Wade began working in a bank in high school and when he graduated, he moved to the city for college, believing that he was leaving his small-town life behind.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jess Wade is the Owner and Winemaker of Topophilia Wine Company

  • Topophilia means, “Love of Place” and was founded by Jess while living in New Zealand

  • The unique business model of taking advantage of any situation that comes your way and taking every single meeting

  • His creative approach to making money, such as selling reclaimed bricks from a house in Napa

  • How he started with small production Rosé and Pinot Noir wines to generate cash flow

  • Leveraging hospitality connections to sell his first vintage, and ship wine to customers across the country

  • Corporate virtual tastings were offered for groups that are unable or unwilling to travel

  • Topophilia Wines is a brand that focuses on creating a sense of place and hospitality

  • The majority of his customers come from word-of-mouth referrals

  • Creating a new business venture, Tagline, with his partner Gianna Fugazi


In this episode with Jess Wade

In this episode with Jess Wade, Jess explains how Topophilia means, “Love of Place”, and how he was able to take advantage of every opportunity thrown his way to build his business. How did Topophilia Wines Company leverage its hospitality connections to sell its wines during the pandemic?

Jess Wade is the Owner and Winemaker of Topophilia Wines Company in Sonoma County. Jess shares his inspiring story of overcoming obstacles with hard work and dedication since childhood on a ranch and the journey from 160-170 cases to almost a thousand cases per year.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind The Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks is joined by Jess Wade, Jess Wade is the Owner and Winemaker of Topophilia Wines Company. He talks about quality over quantity when it comes to wine production and virtual tastings during the pandemic. 

Tune in to this episode as Jess shares his motivation for keeping going and his unbelievable hustle story!


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