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Legends Behind the Craft

Apr 7, 2022

Ben Salisbury is the President and Founder of Salisbury Creative Group, a sales consulting firm that helps alcohol brands leverage technology in their sales process. Ben has experience working in the wine industry — he led large, national sales teams as the Vice President of Global Accounts and On-Premise Strategy for Ste Michelle Wine Estates and the Vice President of National Accounts for Constellation Brands. He has also worked for distributors including Green Glass Global and Glazer’s Distributors. 

In this episode with Ben Salisbury

When you have a passion for your wine product, but it is not selling as much as you would like, what tools and resources can make your product visible to a wider audience? How can you take your brand to the next level?

Ben Salisbury knows that being a distributor is more than selling — it is forging lasting relationships and partnerships with buyers and wineries. He helps distributors make the selling experience count by effectively using data to build customer relationship management strategies. With these tools, you can scale each varietal based on clientele needs to take your brand to the next level.

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, join Drew Hendricks as he sits down with Ben Salisbury, President and Founder of Salisbury Creative Group, to talk about building digital distribution models and marketing strategies for distributors. Ben discusses the process of creating email marketing campaigns, cultivating respect and lasting relationships with wineries, and navigating a digital three-tier system for growth.