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Legends Behind the Craft

Aug 11, 2022

Byron Hoffman is the Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Offset Partners, a wine commerce, technology, and brand design company. Prior to Offset, he was the Founder and Creative Director at Hoffman & Co.

Julia Weinberg is the VP of Commerce Strategy at Offset, the leading choice for allocated wineries and high-touch retailers. The company also offers brand packaging and website design. Before Offset, Julia was the Creative Developer and Founding Partner at Delectable.

In this episode with Julia Weinberg & Byron Hoffman

When creating their brand, many wineries rely on e-commerce platforms with limited capabilities, consequently inhibiting their full potential. So, how can you develop and hone your brand for maximum value?

One method for ensuring brand equity is to customize your wines for the consumer. To simplify this process, it’s important to allocate your products. This requires distributing, tracking, and managing your inventory across multiple sales channels to meet customer demands effectively. Offset Partners’ e-commerce software helps you create a bespoke brand strategy to cohesively integrate customization, distribution, product, and brand design to enhance your winery and establish consumer trust. 

In today’s episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon welcome Julia Weinberg and Byron Hoffman of Offset Partners to discuss consolidating your operations for a customized brand experience. Together, they share how Offset’s commerce program helps brands market and sell their wines, Offset’s resource allocation strategy, and advice for bootstrapped wineries to generate a brand presence.