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Legends Behind the Craft

Sep 30, 2021

Yuan Ji is the Founder and CEO of Erstwhile Mezcal, a company focused on building family values. Yuan had built a successful career practicing law as an Antitrust Attorney for Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati before her passion for Mezcal alcohol and her drive to leave the world a better place shifted her career goals.

Yuan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics from Washington University in St. Louis and shortly after earned her Master of Science degree. She attended Yale Law School to earn her Doctor of Law degree.

In this episode with Yuan Ji

Are you looking to combine a passion for the alcohol industry with family values? How can a brand extend its platform and opportunities to as many families as possible?

Yuan Ji is digging beyond the surface of brand ownership and examining the intrinsic values of small family businesses. She has scaled her Mezcal brand to encompass 45 states and does not plan to stop there. Yuan utilizes the strengths and constraints of available environmental ingredients to produce limited and unique Mezcal to market.

On this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Hendricks talks with Yuan Ji about preserving the family-owned business tradition of brewing Mezcal. Yuan describes how they produce unique limited edition flavors, the value of continuing education of techniques, and how she incorporated her passion for writing to marketing her brand. Stay tuned.