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Legends Behind the Craft

Jun 1, 2023

Nick Buzzell is the Chairman & CEO of NBTV, Spirits Network, and Golf Nation. As a platform that was established in 2019, Spirits Network fosters connectivity with spirits experts and enthusiasts through shoppable streaming video content that can be used on any device. Members can further enjoy exploring the world of spirits with access to exclusive products, gifts, and experiences from the leading players in the spirits industry.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Nick Buzzell is the Chairman & CEO of NBTV, Spirits Network, and Golf Nation

  • Spirits Network is a destination for the best of curated content in spirits, wine, and gold

  • Visual storytelling is key to differentiate products and engage customers through TV devices

  • Working with smaller winemakers and distillers to unlock stories and get them out to the market

  • Partnering with famous people that promotes his cocktail content

  • Craft distilleries can get onto the Spirits Network by creating a brand channel and distribution plan

  • Spirits Network enables customers to ship locally or to retail partners in major markets

  • Focus on brand building and storytelling to make sure your product stands out in the market

  • Distribution is complex but multi-scale distribution is enough to get started

  • Geo-targeting capabilities is available for limited time offerings

  • Growing network by acquiring customers, creating, and working with brands, storytellers, and talent


In this episode with Nick Buzzell

In this episode with Nick Buzzell, Nick discusses NBTV Studios and its structure. He explains how NBTV Channels is a media company with a platform for video commerce, and Spirits Network and Golf Nation are two channels on the platform featuring stories about the world’s greatest spirits producers and lifestyle entertainment for gold enthusiasts. 

Nick Buzzell is the Chairman & CEO of NBTV, Spirits Network, and Golf Nation, Nick emphasizes visual storytelling as an important factor in crafting a successful presence and maintaining authenticity. He focuses on how Spirits Network works with small winemakers and distillers to tell their stories through content such as Whiskey Wednesday, where one of his Spirits experts hosts a tasting-type format making cocktails.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind The Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks is joined by Nick Buzzell, Nick Buzzell is the Chairman & CEO of NBTV, Spirits Network, and Golf Nation. Nick outlines the costs that is involved in creating content for distribution on OTT streaming platforms such as Spirits Network, and provides advice on how to maximize ROI by targeting specific locations and offering limited-time offerings. He also shares his opinion on how AI content is impacting the industry, but emphasizes the need for authentic storytelling and visuals to maintain authenticity. 


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