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Legends Behind the Craft

May 25, 2023

Scott Yeates established Mythology Distillery out of his passion for spirits, producing, and bringing people together. The idea came to him while he was on a ski trip in Haines, AK, and he saw potential in creating a premium spirits brand that fosters shared experiences. Scott is in charge of Mythology Distillery's vision, expansion, and branding, while also taking part in the spirits production. Before SW Development Group, Scott was involved in the design and building of several market-rate commercial and multifamily properties. As President of SW Development, he has been responsible for the creation of more than 600 units of affordable housing in Colorado.

Chris Ritenour is the Head Distiller at Mythology Distillery and has a great appreciation for the history and craftsmanship of distillation and blending. His journey began with an interest in absinthe, but soon expanded to encompass gins, brandies, and whiskeys. Hailing from Indiana, Chris ventured back to the Midwest to start his career at Blaum Bros. Distilling Company. His work earned the company national recognition, leading him to his next role at Doc Porter's Distillery in North Carolina. In 2019, he joined the team at Mythology to lead their production.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Scott Yeates is the Founder and President at Mythology Distillery

  • Chris Ritenour is the Head Distiller at Mythology Distillery

  • This is a special tasting episode of Legends Behind The Craft

  • Scott was inspired to start Mythology Distillery after a ski trip in Alaska

  • Chris has been professionally distilling for 9 years and previously worked in corporate transportation

  • They plan to create something unique that reflects their location in Colorado

  • The blending process takes different components and creates something interesting

  • How the population is receptive to craft brands

  • Purchased a former brewer in Steamboat Springs to consolidate production operations

  • Incorporating natural humidity through earth and floor and sonic waves to activate whiskey inside the barrels

  • Blending allows for the creation of a new product from existing components

  • Collaborative effort with different wineries and local craft breweries

  • Creating products that represent the Rocky Mountain region


In this episode with Scott Yeates & Chris Ritenour

In this episode with Scott Yeates & Chris Ritenour, Scott & Chris discusses their passion for whiskey distillation, how they started their craft gin brand, and its collaboration with the Denver Botanic Gardens. How Mythology Distillery’s unique blending process enables them to create a new product from existing components?

Scott Yeates is the Founder and President of Mythology Distillery and Chris Ritenour is the Head Distiller of Mythology Distillery. Scott and Chris shares their stories before they joined the industry and tasted through some of their spirits while chatting about how Mythology came to be and where it’s going.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind The Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon are joined by Scott Yeates and Chris Ritenour for a special tasting episode, Scott is the Founder and President of Mythology Distillery and Chris Ritenour is the Head Distiller of Mythology Distillery. They share their insights on craft distilleries that produce digestifs and apertifs, as well as a unique spirit made from sap. Tune in to this episode as Scott and Chris and learn the art of barrel-aging whiskey, including experimenting with different barrels to create high-quality spirits that capture the essence of the Rocky Mountain region!


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