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Legends Behind the Craft

Feb 9, 2023

Craig Camp is the General Manager of Troon Vineyard, fomenting another revolution in the beautiful Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. Surrounded by the Siskiyou Mountains, Craig and the whole Troon Vineyard team make natural wines now Demeter Biodynamic® and organic-certified both in the vineyard and the cellar.

Aside from managing Troon Vineyard, Craig is currently President of the Applegate Valley Vintners Association and serves on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Winegrowers Association and the Rhône Rangers. Before this, he served on the Board of Directors of the Howell Mountain Growers Association and on the Napa Valley Vintners Association Marketing Committee, of which he also served as chairman. Craig was honored to be named one of "Wine's Most Inspiring People 2021" by the Wine Industry Network.

In this episode with Craig Camp

How does biodynamic and regenerative farming pave the way for more sustainable practices in the wine industry?

This groundbreaking approach enables wineries around the globe to lessen their environmental footprint. This quest allows the industry to return more than it takes from nature's plants and soils. If you're interested in biodynamic and regenerative farming, stick with us.

In today's episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Bianca Harmon are joined by Craig Camp, General Manager of Troon Vineyard, to talk about biodynamic and regenerative farming. Craig also shares how other wineries can integrate this practice and cultivate a more sustainable wine industry.