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Legends Behind the Craft

Dec 8, 2022

Paul Bonarrigo is the CEO of Messina Hof, a family-owned business built on the three cornerstones of family, tradition, and romance. Since its founding in 1977, it has become the most award-winning winery in the Lone Star State and one of the largest producers of 100% Texas wine.

Paul's passion is wine, and his goal is to provide premium quality Texas Wine, an excellent hospitality experience, and education in wine and food to anyone from the most novice to the most adept wine drinker.

In this episode with Paul Bonarrigo

How do you build a strong foundation for a family-owned business? By keeping the core values intact. However, old practices eventually stop working, and it becomes necessary to develop new routines to keep the business afloat.

While it is crucial to establish a presence in the industry, a long-standing family business must also understand how to handle itself in connection with change. New trends and techniques arise, and as these come, you must also adapt to stay relevant and thrive.

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks welcomes Paul Bonarrigo, CEO of Messina Hof, as he talks about the challenges a family-owned business faces. Paul also talks about his military service, their success secret, and how hospitality is the core of Messina Hof.