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Legends Behind the Craft

Jan 13, 2022

Daniel Daou is a Winemaker and Proprietor at Daou Vineyards. He enrolled at the University of California, San Diego and earned a degree in computer engineering. With his brother, Daniel started a networking technology company for hospital computer systems. After the sale of his company, Daniel went back to his roots in wine and purchased land in Paso Robles. He took his dream of crafting wine from his garage to an enduring enterprise. He crafted California’s First Growth Cabernet Sauvignons and is a Central Coast ambassador of Bordeaux varieties.

In this episode with Daniel Daou

Is it possible to create delicately balanced wines in a particular area? How can you bring the taste and texture of varying geographical vines to different soil?

For Daniel Daou, understanding the land is essential to produce special barrels and vines with the texture you desire. He cultivated Bordeaux-style wine by connecting the climate and soil properties that can best create this line of vines, allowing the consumer to taste Roman luxury. With this approach, Daniel is committed to producing incredible wines and educating winemakers on the best harvest practices.

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Hendricks sits down with Daniel Daou, Winemaker and Proprietor at Daou Vineyards, to discuss how the expression of the soil provides rich vineyards. Daniel talks about how the climate can shape or break the texture of wine, understanding phenomics to produce the flavor you desire, and the impact geographical and soil location has on the wine harvest.